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Wowee World will be launching with our flagship animated series Joey's Animal Kingdom, a show that takes kids all around this amazing planet to see incredible animals and creatures.

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Meet Joey; Joey has spent his younger life traveling the world with his parents visiting zoos and helping animals all around the world.

His passion for animals has now lead him to help educate other kids about the amazing planet we live on and all the animals that need our help! Animals love him and his sidekick Mochi, a chimpanzee, and they also has help from a variety of animal friends.

The WOWEE World app is not just a place to watch videos and learn about animals, but it has many other features such as live quizzes and games as well as kid profiles and VS games.

WOWEE World will launch many other animated shows in the months to come. The shows, Like joey's animal kingdom, will each pertain to a topic. Topics will include; science, history, culture, sports and food/nutrition.

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